• What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable?
    “Biodegradable” is a catch-all term and does not have the same meaning as “compostable”. The term “biodegradable” is misleading to consumers and falsifies the belief the item is made from organic matter and therefore compostable. This is not the case.
  • Are the compostable materials we apply to our bags certificated?
    The compostable materials we use are certified to European Standard EN 13432, the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the Australian Standard AS 4736!
  • What recyclable code of our recyclable materials?
    The recyclable code is 4!
  • Why is the bag recyclable?
    Conventional flexible packaging is typically made from 3 or more layers of material. Since these materials are made from different types of plastics, the pouch is qualified as code #7 recycling, or “other”, and is difficult (read: nearly impossible) to recycle in most municipalities, as it requires separating the fused layers. This results in these packages being hauled off to the landfill.
    This is a single-material pouch
  • What happens to our compostable bags in landfill?
    Compostable bags break down into organic matter anywhere microorganisms exist, including in a landfill. The length of time it takes for the bags to break down depends on specific conditions like the temperature and number of microorganisms present.
  • Why should I choose conventional materials if we can go green with compostable or recyclable?
    Conventional is still widely applied to most of the packaging because it has better barrier, stronger sealing, more vivid color printing, less MOQ, what is most important, lower pricing.
  • How do I seal my bags?
    To make your bags tamper-proof, you need to Heat Seal them after filling. You can order heat sealers from many places, especially online. Temperature to seal is around 120 - 130 degrees for 2-5 secs.


  • What Format of artworks do you accept?
    We accept AI or PDF format.
  • How to make the printing metallic effect?
    Two Options: One is to print metallic ink which is expensive; The other solution is to knock out the white under so the foil shows through the color and makes it look metallic.
  • How to send the artwork if it is too big to send by mail?
    Please send us the Dropbox or Wetransfer link.

Ordres and Shipping

  • What’s the lead time?
    25 days after deposit arrives.
  • What’s the payment term?
    30% in advance and left collected before shipping.
  • Can I pay to rush the order?
    There is a green light option so yes. Amount depends on the details of the order.
  • What shipping options do I have?
    By Ocean and By air!
  • Are there any quantity tolerances?
    We currently maintain a +-10% tolerance level.


  • What type of printing method do you use?
    We have Flexo Printing, Gravure Printing and Digital printing options for different products.
  • Do you offer roll stock?
    Yes we do!
  • Can I see samples before I order?
    Yes samples can be provided upon your request.
  • Do you print labels too?
    Yes we do!
  • What if we can’t meet your MOQ for custom printed pouches?
    You can go with digital printing which does not have a MOQ; Or if you think digital printing is over your budget, you can choose our plain bags and use stickers. We print stickers too.
  • How do I know if the printing is good if I can’t check onsite?
    We require the designs to have pantone codes and we will match the pantone colors while printing. Pictures of printing next to pantone books will be sent by mail once printing is done. Also we will express printed films or bags to you so you can check by yourself.

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