What should be paid attention to when choosing a dog treat packaging manufacturer

Now there are more and more dog treat packaging on the market, and there are various brands, with different prices and quality. I believe that many people want to buy cheap products, but it is very easy to buy some inferior products if you only pay attention to the price, so don’t choose and make decisions blindly. Next, I will tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a dog treat packaging manufacturer.

Material of customized dog treat packaging

The pet food market is also gradually expanding, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the importance of customized dog treat packaging is gradually highlighted. Today, I will analyze the material and bag type of dog food packaging for you, hoping to extend the shelf life of pet food and provide consumers with better services.

Customized requirements for quality dog treat packaging

For pet dog owners, when buying dog food, the first thing that catches the eye is the appearance of the quality dog treat packaging, followed by the grams of dog food. So, how are the quality dog treat packaging designed? Let me introduce it to you.

What is the material of custom dog treat packaging

There are many kinds of custom dog treat packaging, but the common ones are as follows: 1. Non;woven bag; 2. Paper-plastic composite bag; 3. Kraft paper bag; 4. Aluminum foil bag; 5. Plastic bags; 6. Vacuum compression bag; 7. PE bag; 8. Self-sealing packaging bag.

Introduction to dog treat packaging

In the pet world, the largest group is the "star dogs", and even some dogs have a quality of life that far exceeds that of most "single dogs". A good-looking dog treat packaging design will not only win the love of shit shovelers, but also make dogs "double happy" after eating it!

Best Dog treat packaging factory share how to choose pet treats by functional and non-functional

According to best dog treat packaging factory, functional snacks are divided into tooth cleaning and chewing gums, which are usually specially designed to

Best Dog treat packaging factory share how to choose pet treats by ingredients

According to Best Dog treat packaging factory, if classified by ingredients, pet snacks can be divided into starchy snacks and meat and liver snacks.

Dog treat packaging manufacturers share the types of pet treats

1. Animal feed:Animal feed is a kind of feed from animals. China Dog treat packaging manufacturers said that this type of protein content is high, which can provide the amino acids needed for the development of dogs, rich in vitamin B, and the content of calcium and phosphorus is appropriate. Or pork and its internal organs.
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