Everything You Need To Know About PCR Plastic

PCR stands for post-consumer Recycled material, which is used to recycle Recycled materials such as PET, PE, PP and HDPE and then process them into new packaging materials.

How to choose recyclable packaging bags manufacturers

How to choose recyclable packaging bags manufacturers? Pay special attention when choosing a recyclable packaging bags manufacturer. The packaging made by unprofessional manufacturers may not be suitable for you, or it may not meet the use standards. To choose a recyclable packaging bags manufacturer, what conditions do you need to be considered better? It can be understood from the following three aspects.

Reasons for price fluctuations of customized recyclable packaging bags

Reuse of materials helps to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources, reduce waste discharge and environmental load caused by waste disposal, and contribute to the sustainable development of society. Therefore, customized recyclable packaging bags are imperative!

What are the advantages of China biodegradable packing bags

China biodegradable packing bags are various bags made of biodegradable materials for product packaging. Biodegradable materials refer to a class of materials that are degraded by microorganisms and algae that exist in nature.

Good price and quality biodegradable packing bags

Good price and quality biodegradable packaging bags are gradually replacing traditional packaging bags. It has a higher environmental index than the original plastic bag, allowing this new material to replace traditional materials, creating an environmentally friendly earth, and allowing consumers to better enjoy the shopping experience.

How to quickly identify and correctly choose Biodegradable packing bags

Biodegradable packing bags refer to bag products that are made of biodegradable resin as the main raw material and have a carrying structure, and are used to hold and carry goods in sales, service and other places.

Three advantages of biodegradable packing bags china

Biodegradable packing bags china is a bag that can be degraded quickly after being exposed to sand, sunlight, and moisture. After inspection, the quality standards of biodegradable packing bags china are stipulated in various indicators, and they are hygienic and pollution-free. They are currently one of the ideal environmental protection packaging products.

What are the main bio-based materials for custom biodegradable packing bags

The custom biodegradable packing bags does not cause environmental pollution, and not only realizes convenience, but also protects the environment. At present, custom biodegradable packing bags are not fully popularized, so some people may not understand it. This article introduces the main bio-based materials of custom biodegradable packing bags!
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