Everything You Need To Know About PCR Plastic

PCR stands for post-consumer Recycled material, which is used to recycle Recycled materials such as PET, PE, PP and HDPE and then process them into new packaging materials.

What Is Next For Sustainable Biodegradable Package Bag?

Plastic is relatively cheaper, more durable and stronger than other materials. However, it has not been able to eradicate waste in a sustainable manner. Let find out the best solution for sustainable packaging bag.

Product Description of best compostable packing bags

Best compostable packing bags are a great alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Best compostable packing bags are lightweight and durable - reducing shipping costs and overall carbon footprint. A reclosable zipper ensures that your product stays fresh. The most sustainable packaging the planet has to offer! Perfect for packaging dry foods, health products, subscriptions and refills, as well as non-food items.

Current status of China compostable packing bags

Although China compostable packing bags are environmentally friendly and harmless, it does not mean that China compostable packing bags can be thrown away casually and discarded in the soil at will, and they can be naturally decomposed and turned into carbon dioxide and water. China compostable packing bags are still chemical products after all, and they also need to be degraded in a specific environment.

Good price and quality compostable packing bagss have outstanding environmental advantages

In recent years, when good price and quality compostable packing bags were widely mentioned, many people gave a thumbs up, saying that compared with traditional plastic bags, it has outstanding environmental protection advantages, so, where is its good performance?

Do quality compostable packing bags have a shelf life

Unlike most plastics, quality compostable packing bags materials are designed to have a shelf life. They won't start composting spontaneously on the shelf or in your warehouse, but over time the compostable polymer will weaken and factors like sealing and lamination strength will start to deteriorate.

Introduction of customized biodegradable packing bags

The use of customized biodegradable packing bags has increased over the past decade. In principle, "biodegradable" seems to be a good way to deal with contamination from packing bags. Compared to traditional bags, customized biodegradable packing bags seem to be a better choice for the environment.

How long does it take for a customized compostable packing bag to break down

In most cases, customized compostable packing bags are preferable to regular bags over biodegradable bags. They are similar to regular bags and just as strong. Their popularity has grown, and the same technology is now being used in other products, such as compostable cutlery.
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