Everything You Need To Know About PCR Plastic

PCR stands for post-consumer Recycled material, which is used to recycle Recycled materials such as PET, PE, PP and HDPE and then process them into new packaging materials.

Factors influencing the price of custom recyclable packaging bags

One printing plate is required for single-color printing of custom recyclable packaging bags, and two printing plates are required for two-color printing. The price of printing ink is also different. Some patterns require different colors or are also expensive. This requires detailed communication with customers to avoid future disputes. Let's talk about what factors will affect the price of custom recyclable packaging bags!

What factors affect the price of quality recyclable packaging bags

if we all need to buy quality recyclable packaging bags, we will find that the price of this product is also very different. So what are the factors that affect the price of quality recyclable packaging bags? Next, this article will focus on several aspects.

Pay attention to these points when wholesale recyclable packaging bags

Commercial activity has also increased the use of wholesale recyclable packaging bags. For example, custom advertising bags for real estate, custom handbags for supermarkets, etc., when wholesale recyclable packaging bags, there are many precautions, do you know?

Precautions for choosing recyclable packaging bag manufacturers

Now many manufacturers of recyclable packaging bags have opened customized services online. You can quickly compare the prices of manufacturers across the country without leaving home, and choose your favorite manufacturers for cooperation. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing recyclable packaging bag manufacturers?

How to choose recyclable packaging bags manufacturers

How to choose recyclable packaging bags manufacturers? Pay special attention when choosing a recyclable packaging bags manufacturer. The packaging made by unprofessional manufacturers may not be suitable for you, or it may not meet the use standards. To choose a recyclable packaging bags manufacturer, what conditions do you need to be considered better? It can be understood from the following three aspects.

Reasons for price fluctuations of customized recyclable packaging bags

Reuse of materials helps to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources, reduce waste discharge and environmental load caused by waste disposal, and contribute to the sustainable development of society. Therefore, customized recyclable packaging bags are imperative!

Recyclable packaging bags effectively solve the problem of express garbage

Recyclable packaging bags tells you that with the development trend of logistics and express delivery, the application of express packaging shows an astonishing total: according to the specification of 0.2KG per express packaging in my country's industry.
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