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Side Gusseted Coffee Bags: Customizable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Personalized Side Gusseted Coffee Bags: Sustainable Packaging Solution

Accept customization

Material: Recyclable
Thickness: 130 microns
Type: Customise
Place of Origin: ShangHai, China
Surface Handling: Gravure printing
Sealing & Handle: No Zipper
Custom Order: Accept
Usage: packaging printing bags for coffee
Size: Customise
Minimum order quantity: 10000

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Product Description

Increased Storage Capacity: One of the key advantages of gusseted bags for coffee packaging is their ability to expand and provide increased storage capacity. The gussets, which are the folded sides of the bag, allow for expansion when the bag is filled with coffee beans or grounds. This additional space enables you to package a larger quantity of coffee, maximizing your storage capacity and minimizing the number of bags required.

Enhanced Product Visibility: Gusseted bags offer a wider surface area for branding and product information. This increased printable space provides more room for captivating designs, eye-catching logos, and detailed descriptions of your coffee. By utilizing the entire surface of the bag, you can effectively promote your brand and entice customers with visually appealing packaging, ultimately enhancing product visibility on store shelves.

Improved Shelf Stability: The gussets on the sides of the bag contribute to its stability when placed upright on store shelves. The expanded base formed by the gussets provides a wider footprint, offering better balance and preventing the bag from tipping over. This stability is especially important for coffee packaging as it ensures that the bag remains upright, preserving the integrity of the coffee inside and preventing any potential damage or spills.

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